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Bloggers‘ Quilt Festival! And I do take part, yeah! That’s not obvious: I wanted to take part with this quilt also the last festival time in autumn. But this quilt was finished just now! And I did take the opportunity to finish it now because of the festival. And if I say now I mean just now. The quilt was finished yesterday, but the sun set before I could take pictures (spending late afternoon/evening with my family in a nice restaurant, enjoying italian pasta and a glas of red wine). Today it is sunny with strong wind, but this are the best pictures I was able to take, loosing some of the quilt’s colors to the bright sun light.
Oh, you wanted to hear something about the quilt?!

the center with a big blue star

It is about 215 x 150 cm (85 x 60″) and completely handsewn. I call it „Astralleibchen“, what came out while playing with german words, including something like „Stars“, as this pattern makes me think of the univers, a swirl of color, something beyond time and space, and including an old word for camisole and also including something like astral body, what ever that may be… Playing on words, like I like it so much.

But to tell it from start to finish . . . .

fresh new fabric next to antique (white/orange on dark brown)

This quilt is handsewn, worked in Liesel’s Hexagon Technique. I started this Liesel-project enthusiastically, let’s see . . . , in summer 2009. The kite shaped pieces are sewn over paper pieces (lieseled). The longer edges of the kites are 2″ wide. They fit together without further shapes, building up a kaleidoskop pattern. It must be a traditional one, but I first spotted it in a book of Material Obsession.

my favorite block – the center is made of one larger hexagon instead of six kites

It was a nice vacation project for a small bag, every block was prepared as a nice pile of cut pieces. I just had to take some paper pieces with me, some clips and yarn. All of the stars were sewn very fast. They are joined with incredibly large triangles: 8″ edges. That’s usually a bit large for sewing over paper pieces, but works quite well. The top was finished at top speed, in a happy rush and swirl of color. In 2009. Three month in total, stitching now and then in happy spare time. A part of it is stichted in a summer vacation at the North Sea, sitting outside (or inside the cozy appartment) and stitching colored pieces to a joyful mosaic.
[a small insight into the technique „lieseling“ may be found in my post here, although this kite project with just one shape, as shown here, is much easier to sew]

The top was finished (posted in March 2010), and after a half year of maturing the three layers of the quilt were basted. I used a bamboo batting – really nice!

Can you spot the large quilted crown…?

Then the quilting started – I love quilting with perl cotton No. 8. But it was like rush and stop. Rush and stop. So this quilt was piled in my workroom for two years, although I like it sooo much! I wanted it to be finished! But I quilted and stopped, busy with different things.

I wanted to show it last autumn. But the quilting wasn’t finished, a-ha! I started again in winter (but indeed quilted another, urgend birthday quilt). When seeing the announcement for the Spring Festival, I was determined: That was my chance!

So. Now. It. Is. Finished!!!

I really love this quilt. It is snuggly and cozy and colorful, joyful, totally handmade. And counting just the hours I did work on it, oooh, it was done in a jiffy! In a joyful jiffy. So loveable.
Thank you, Amy, for giving the opportunity to take part in the festival, and Hello! to all you girls coming around from the festival-site!



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